Cougar Chronicles Susanne Petterson - Norway Photographer

Cougar Chronicles Susanne Petterson - Norway Photographer


Adventure and lifestyle photographer Susanne Pettersen

Adventure and lifestyle photographer Susanne Pettersen is a good Cougar fit for many reasons. Firstly, she’s based in Oslo, Norway, so, like many Canadians, is familiar with cold-climate challenges, but it’s her style and spirit that we were drawn to. Susanne’s natural approach allows her to capture the timeless beauty of nature in a way that feels fresh and contemporary. She gets the importance of form and function and we love how she frames Cougar boots within a Norwegian backdrop. Guest editor Christy Wright chats with this photographer-to-watch for a European take on a Canadian classic…

Your photos make our Cougar boots look right at home in the Norwegian landscape – did you know intuitively they’d be a good fit?

I really did and, yes, when I saw the boots, I could easily tell they’d be perfect for cold Norway winters. As in Canada, it’s important to have shoes that are both comfortable to walk in and ones that keep your toes warm.

What were you trying to capture in the shoot?

I wanted to show the boots in action, so the viewer could get a feeling of being in Norwegian nature with a good friend. I also wanted to give the shoes an identity, so it’s clear to see where and how to use them.


What’s your take on THE PILLOW BOOT ®?

THE PILLOW BOOT ® is a perfect shoe for wintertime – trust me, we have lots of snow here in Norway! It’s got a retro feeling about it and the Cask shade fits right into the Norwegian woods.

THE PILLOW BOOT ® (Cask) - @susiphotographer


THE PILLOW BOOT ® - Butternut

THE PILLOW BOOT ® (Cask) - @susiphotographer


How about the Prescott?

The Prescott is great for hiking in the mountains or walking around in the city. I love that it has a good grip that makes it perfect for the icy ground and that it’s also waterproof and really warm.

Prescott Leather Winter Boot - @susiphotographer

We love that you shot the boots on-figure. Did that present any challenges vs. product shots?

There’s always a challenge shooting with people, but I like that. I also like to use people that aren’t models to create the more natural feeling I’m drawn to. It’s always a lot of fun and I feel like the pictures seem more real and believable.

Prescott Leather Winter Boot - @susiphotographer

Would you wear either THE PILLOW BOOT ® or Prescott while shooting?

I actually wore the Prescott during this shoot and I really liked them. They have a good grip that made it easier for me to balance on the slippery rocks and icy ground.

Prescott Leather Winter Boot - @susiphotographer

Cougar’s “Whatever the weather” tagline seems in sync with your photographic style. Tell us about your love of the great outdoors.

The outdoors for me is a way of recharging. I get to breathe in the fresh air that makes my cheeks red and feel the sun warming my body. Even when it’s snowing and raining, the outdoors just give me joy. And the best feeling is coming inside after a long day outside and sitting in front of the fireplace.

Adventure and lifestyle photographer Susanne Pettersen

What do you love about your job?

Photography allows me to see and capture the beauty of the places and people around me. Storytelling is a big part of my work, and I want the viewers to follow along on my storytelling while seeing my photos.

Prescott Leather Winter Boot - @susiphotographer

Can you share something about Norwegian style that we might not know?

From my perspective, I would say that Norwegians like to be comfortable. Norway is, for a big part of the year, usually really cold and while our clothes need to be stylish, we also want them to be comfortable and warm.

Is there a place in Canada you’d love to shoot?

I’ve never been to Canada so naturally I would want to visit Banff. The blue waters and the pointy mountains are something I would love to experience!

If you can only buy one pair of Cougar boots, which ones and why?

The Prescott because they are stylish, cool, retro, warm and comfortable to use for everyday walking or for hiking.

Prescott Leather Winter Boot - Cask

What’s next for you?

I grew up far from any mountains and I recently moved to the East Coast of Norway where there are lots of mountains and beautiful fjords and the ocean is close by. My plan is to go out and capture that beauty in my shoots and make art that I’m proud of. If it works out, I’m always open for more collabs with brands that like my vision and style.