Razzle: Q &A with its Designer (who is also a Cougar family member!)

Razzle: Q &A with its Designer (who is also a Cougar family member!)

Cougar is a family-owned and operated company – how cool is that?

Austin Sedlbauer, a third-generation Cougar Shoes expert, is the technical designer behind all Cougar shoes, including Razzle, the new, super-cool waterproof sneaker.

He’s also pretty cool so we wanted to get his take on this innovative shoe and all that went into it….

We have to start with that great Razzle silhouette.

The profile is meant to be interpreted as athletic-inspired casual, but we underlay that with functional attributes, such as everyday comfort and embedded waterproofing.


Razzle Nylon Waterproof Sneaker in Zinc

And the sole?

The lugs (those indentations on the bottom) aren’t overpowering from the side profile, but the tread on the bottom optimizes grip for the anti-slip functionality. 

You’ve used nylon in Razzle. Why’s that?

The look is sporty but also functional and comfortable. Nylon has that sporty appeal and, of course, we overlaid that with our waterproofing performance.

Razzle really does meld fashion and function.

Yes! The Lycra collar is sleek looking, but it’s soft against the foot to avoid any chance of discomfort. And the concealed zipper offers better weather resistance, as well as a fun sporty look.


Razzle Nylon Waterproof Sneaker - Red

Why was making it waterproof so important?

It’s a major point of difference for Cougar. Sure, some brands offer water resistance, but in the real world, it doesn’t hold up. We didn’t want to put our waterproof label on anything that would leave the user with wet socks!

As the design technician, how would you describe Razzle?

It’s a stylish take on an everyday shoe. It can be worn as a sneaker but you don’t have to switch to a boot if the weather isn’t cooperating. It isn’t a tight-fitting, directional jogging shoe or a frumpy rainy-day boot. Razzle is comfortable casual. Wear it out regularly or just to walk the dog on a rainy day.


Razzle Nylon Waterproof Sneaker - Black
Razzle Nylon Waterproof Sneaker - Red