Refreshingly new, cheerfully reimagined, innovatively styled.

Refreshingly new, cheerfully reimagined, innovatively styled.

Our Spring/Summer 2022 Collection is here!

Nuanced colors feel upscale.

New designs radiate style.

As always, quality fabrications elevate longevity – this is lightweight footwear with heavy provenance (read: better-quality materials + flexible performance).

This spring, we’re embracing fresh silhouettes and designs and we can’t wait to share them with you…

Sporty styles that innovate.

On-the go and always waterproof fashionable sneakers. We’ve designed them two ways so take your pick: an easy slip on-off or an easy slip-on with front enclosed zipper. Perfect for the casual urban “athleisure” vibe we know and love.

Razzle Nylon Waterproof Sneaker - Black-White. Also available in Black and Red.


@seasonsembracedblog: Razzle Nylon Waterproof Sneaker
Rave Nylon Slip-On Waterproof Sneaker - Ice
Rave Nylon Slip-On Waterproof Sneaker - Zinc. Also available in Black and Black-White

Pops of colour that shine!

Find bursts of statement colours throughout our Spring 2022 Collection. Brighten up a neutral outfit with pops of sunny yellow, airy green or try a zingy tropical tone.

Firenze Chelsea Rain Boot - Butter

@fashionistatika sporting the Firenze Chelsea Rain Boot in Cucumber

Firenze Chelsea Rain Boot - Cucumber
Prato Patent Sandal - Mango

Prato Patent Sandal - Orchid

Prato Patent Sandal - Blue

@erikawheaton showing us the Mango Prato Patent Sandal

Luxury leather.

We love this silhouette – a modern take on a classic style. Plus, our Pepa sandal has the softest suede and buttery leather, which are durable and so luxurious.

NEW this season: the colour cognac. A sophisticated, rich tone, inspired by old-world hues.

Pepa Suede Sandal - Cognac

Pepa Suede Sandal - Olive

Pepa Suede Sandal - Oyster

The perfect puff.

Straight from the runway, these next-generation sandals rock the pillowy dynamic. AND, yes, the leather-wrapped and padded footbed is as comfy as it looks! (think, walking on puffy clouds).

Julep Leather Sandal - Oyster

@jessicawaks lounging in the Black Julep Leather Sandal

Julep Leather Sandal - Black

Julep Metallic Leather Sandal - Metallic Silver

Julep Leather Sandal - White

@cougarshoes Julep Leather Sandal

Jasmine Leather Sandal - Oyster

Jasmine Leather Sandal - White

Jasmine Leather Sandal - Black

Jasmine Metallic Leather Sandal - Metallic Silver

Bye water, so long stains.

We’re Canadian. We get it. That’s why all the sandals in our spring collection meld comfort and practicality with signature Cougar performance: footwear designed in Canada, made for diverse conditions. In a world of footwear, we love our point of difference: stain-resistant style that’s water-repellent.

@thechicacademic: Jasmine Leather Sandal