Wouldn’t it be nice to make the days a little brighter, whatever the weather?

Influencer dancing with Cougar Madrid Rain Boots in Dove

Wouldn’t it be nice to make the days a little brighter, whatever the weather?

Rain or shine, we've got two new styles that do just that.

The Firenze, a sporty take on the best-selling Kensington, and the Madrid, a must for fall fashionistas.



These rainboots kick it! They’re:

  • Always waterproof
  • Anti-slip
  • Fitted with comfy, removable molded insoles
  • Truly fashion-inspired

These are new fall styles just in, and you’re among the first to have access to them!


Cougar Shoes - Let it Rain



The Firenze

This wear-now (wear anywhere?) glossy rainboot is inspired by our iconic Kensington. It’s easy to pull on and off and has the same sleek silhouette but with a sportier sole.

Cool features: the lightweight wedge heel offers a little lift; the elastic gore has a water-repellent coating (no wet ankles!).

"If you thought rain boots couldn't be feminine, think again."


@sharifasamora wearing the Firenze Chelsea Rain Boot in Taupe!

The Madrid

We think this one is going to start waiting lists.

It’s runway-inspired with full-on style – sort of like a rain utility boot.

The seamless injected-rubber mold means leaks won’t happen.

The four-colour palette is fun, everything from classic Black to the stylish Moss, a cool shade for fall.

The block heel is a nice balance to the rounded toe, but the real style star is the front lace-closure.

Bonus: the laces can be set for an easy slide-in, slide-out fit.

Madrid Rain Boots

How to wear them

Boots like this scream, “Bring on the rain!” but styles like this can be worn anytime, even on sunny days. Our followers agree and here’s how they’re sporting their Firenze and Madrid boots.


Influencer in olive jacket, yellow clutch sitting on townhouse stoop wearing Cougar Madrid Rain Boots in Black



“These boots are easy to pull on and roomy enough to wear with a sock. They are lightweight and beyond comfy, plus the molded tread offers solid traction!"




Love them!

“They are really comfortable to walk in and give me confidence and bounce in my steps. They aren't too heavy and the rubber material is soft, making them super comfortable.”

– @nikemibynikes