At Cougar Shoes we adhere to a strong code of conduct principles and are on the path to smart design choices with the environment in mind. Learn more about our efforts.

Women working along assembly line in shoe manufacturing plant.

Our Ethics

Cougar Shoes is an active member of the Amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative, known as BSCI. This global organization works with brands to improve the social performance of their supply chain and has a very clear and consistent approach that highlights best practices. As a member we adhere to a strong code of conduct following principles including things like; fair remuneration, no discrimination, decent working hours, occupational health & safety and no child labour.

We choose our manufacturing factory partners very carefully and opt to work with those who maintain an approved BSCI social compliance audit status. This is done and monitored through BSCI’s transparent and reliable Auditing Integrity Programme on an ongoing basis.

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Our Footprint

At Cougar, we believe how we innovate and make design choices is an ongoing journey and while we strive to always do our best, we recognize we have a way’s to go. We’re on the path to smart design choices with the environment in mind that create less waste and use sustainable recycled materials. Here’s how we’ve started:

Most recently, we made the decision to eliminate our plastic and paper inner packaging. All new women’s styles now come individually wrapped in reusable bags, made from recycled material.

Many of our new boot styles now use PrimaLoft® insulation. Originally designed for the US military, PrimaLoft® insulation is a permanently water-resistant material that’s made from post-consumer recycled material. It keeps you warmer and drier, even when wet, and has a thermal efficiency comparable to goose down.

Faux fur feels fresh now and the right decision. Going forward, our new fall/winter styles will be designed using faux fur only.

Plus, we’ve designed feel-good styles made from recycled materials. Many of our nylon winter boot styles are lined with PrimaLoft® and made with nylon from recycled plastic bottles. It re-invents synthetics with the environment in mind, is hard working and conscientious.