Meet Made in Spain Expert Salvador Martinez

Meet Made in Spain Expert Salvador Martinez

 The Man Behind the Artisans


We’re so excited about our new Made in Spain Collection that we sat down with our Production Manager, Salvador Martinez.

Cougar similarity: Salvador is part of a multi-generational family shoe business.  

Fun fact: He’s based in the historic town of Elche, which is surrounded by a manmade oasis called, Palmeral of Elche. This is where our collection is handmade and it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site that’s impossibly pretty – think 67 orchards, 45,000 date palm trees and breezy blue skies.



It’s a fitting backdrop to footwear made with soft suede, buttery nappa leather and hand-burnished leather, a time-honoured Spanish staple that’s crafted with sustainable, all-natural vegetable tanning.




Here’s Salvador’s take on the things he loves about Spain and footwear…

What’s your favourite thing about Spain?

Of course, the weather plays a role. We live by the Mediterranean Sea, a sea you can enjoy almost all year round. And let’s not forget about the food! The traditional cuisine enjoyed in Spain is unparalleled. Everything here is built upon sun and tradition.


How long have you been working with leathers and footwear?

I have been directly involved in the footwear business for over 20 years, but since I was very young, I was already familiar with the ins and outs of this world as my family worked in the industry. My father has been the owner of the factory since the mid-’70s, and my brother Javier and I continue his legacy by combining the knowledge he imparts with innovation in the production processes.


How did you learn your craft? 

During summer vacations when I was in high school, I would go to the factory for a few weeks, where I learned to handle various positions in the production line. Later, when I decided that my future career would involve working in the factory, I spent a couple of years learning all the levels of shoemaking production.


Can you describe what you do in your role?

My role involves organizing production, overseeing material purchases, personally monitoring all processes until they reach the assembly line. I am also responsible for selecting and training personnel in the factory.


What style do you like best from Cougar’s SP 24 Collection?

My favourite? The Piera. It’s versatile and the kind of sandal that, thanks to its comfort, can accompany you all summer.


Piera Luxmotion Suede Sandal in Blue


Piera Luxmotion Suede Sandal in Fuchsia




Antony would be my second choice, although I see it as a more daring option.


Antony Luxmotion Leather Wedge Sandal in Tan

Antony Luxmotion Leather Wedge Sandal in Ice

Antony Luxmotion Leather Wedge Sandal in Black




    Your favourite Spanish dish?

    Like any person raised in the Mediterranean, paella!